January, 2022

Wildlife Drive, Camera Drop Off

Kruger National Park

Kruger Safari January 2 –  Camera Drop Off

Kruger Safari January 8 – Camera Drop Off. Lead guide Andrew, was contacted by one of his students who was on holiday in the Kruger National Park for a 2 weeks. She had picked up a problem with her camera so we decided to take a drive to Skukuza for a coffee and meet her there so that Andrew could have a look at the camera and identify the problem.

We entered through Phabeni gate and took a slow drive along the S1 road to get to Skukuza. It was a warm afternoon but the wind started to guts and a massive storm cell was developing over to the north. Dark clouds, thunder rolling and the amazing lightning bolts you get here in the summer seasons in the afternoon. There air was charged and we felt excitement of the approaching storm and that we could get to see something unique against the dark skys.

Image by Caroline Aveley (c) 2022

Kruger Safari January 2 –  Camera Drop Off

As we approached one of our favourite spots just before the junction with the S3, we noticed in the distance, the tell-tale sign of a leopard resting on a open branch with the tail hanging down breaking the shape of the tree line. She was not in a very active mood so we sat and spent a few minutes with her in the building storm. We did not take to many images as she was not active.

Caroline practised her composition and managed a few unique images even though the subject was a long way off.

The rest of the drive was quiet, but there was general game and some nice elephants moving into the thickets to avoid the winds and coming storm. We spent a hour or so with the clients and Andrew was able to update the firmware and sort out the minor technical issues. With everyone happy we slowly made our way back home along the S1.

We found the female leopard again and Andrew managed to capture and special image in his unique style of black and white. The shot was at 800mm with a the new Canon R6 and 800F11 lens with a in camera monochrome pre-set to start the image design and exposure.


All in all it was a relaxing afternoon drive even though it was not full of the Big 5. The smell of the bush with fresh rain and the amazing tension in the weather were something special to experience.

We hope you will join us in 2022 and experience the amazing magic of the Kruger National Park, in any season.

Safari Greetings


Caroline Aveley

“Black and white photography has the potential to make any photographer a better photographer.” – Rob Sheppard

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